fucking best w.e.! except for the anxiety attack this morning but oh my allah soo good!!

friday went to Miles to Go dinner fundraiser which is a function my friend Miles parents put on. strongest people i know. Alan Greenhalgh is one of the most inspirational people i have ever met, Julie and Tom as well actually but Alan is an actual dear friend of mine. emptied all my money on a mosaic table Miles grandad made before he past away earlier this year. as soon as i found out he made it i had to buy it, but this lady kept on bidding on it as well, im like get it thru your head there is no way this table isnt leaving with me! she was playing hardball as well. its all good though goes to charity. i found out a fun fact that if you wrote down all the details of the DNA and chromozones and chemical equations for ONE person the paper you wrote on would be taller then mount everest. unbelievable. amazing night!

then after the function we headed to the city and i went to trademark wif da w0Gzz standard. it wasnt my scene but i made the most of it anyway. and absolutely destroyed the dancefloor, beast styles. then went back to georges chit chatted then went to bed at 4…hahaha he had to get up to go to work at 5!! no idea how he did it, i slept in his sisters room, was so funny in the morning seeing rob come out of the shower and start laughing his little serb godfather chuckle, that man can do no wrong by me. he’s like an uncle, probably closer then most family. then well geovanni got back we hit the beach and went to clovelly with milena and my man mides. on the way i thought i was about to have a fucking heart attack, these anxiety attacks are fucking weird and they just come on so randomly. but anyway i kept it together and it was the first time i had been too clovelly and it is my favourite beach now. didnt see any blue gropers thank got because i probably would have sharted myself. after that we heading to bondi to eat. HOLY FUCK THIS PLACE WE WENT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. this gourmet burger joint, massive burger, awesome chips with aoili and peri peri dip, and an oreo chocolate milkshake. FUUUUAAARRRRRKKKKIN YUM! me and dobez like fuck no one can cheer me up like him. the kid is straight out of jersey shore, hahaha he asked me too shave the top bit of his chest…. it was on honour because thats what friends do HAHAHAHAHA walking thru bondi watching the skate comp, talking to randoms from penrith, talking to homeless people, talking to the street artist that got told too leave, looking for any excuse to be spontaneous, so much fun. got myself a lil sumpn sumpn from the markets at bondi. then headed back to the doban abode  via the bottle-O ofcourse. picked up powerade, mother,vodka and rum to create some kind of pre-drink that is sooooo good and fuckin lethal!! its a monster. went ivy got into the VIP area only to realise its actually shitter and full of more pretentious cunts than the normal bit… after this we went to the club and that was so much better got turned away by the bouncer that door bitch motherfucker only to get our mate who works in there to take us in for free right past that ggggggggggggggronk, the damage was done on the d-floor and me and dobez were killing it….also jarryd hayne is an arrogant wanker. talking to soo many randoms as well it was actually an awesome fucking time. for some reason i was explaining an eric cantona quote to a guy that gave me a ciggi who had no idea about soccer whatsoever but he was the nicest bloke.

then went down to the car and had a joint, walked back into the club and started gettin down to some old school hip-hop!! best

stayed until it closed, got on a train spewed my guts up, nearly passed out. the walk home was sssssssoooooooooooo fucking rough and feeling worse for wear today. had a anxiety attack  and went to the doctors but he said i was ok i just needed to get healthy and thus i have a rainbow of pills and tablets! yum had about 5 today great. viral infection and fever is why i am feeling so shit now. just got back from kates bbq though and got a mad feed looking onto the city lights, while chilling on the hammock and watching france unfortunately loose to the all blacks! damn, but im happy for NZ they’ve had some rough shit of late.

now just chilling writing this and checking out some music before the MANCHESTER UNITED GAME!!!  ughhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

peace and love yall






This is going on every single one of my blogs .

This… this is just …. *starts crying*

Holy whoa.

guys. do this. just do it.

Needed this. Thank you tumblr. :)

omg!!  This is so amazing and tranquil!!  Whoaaaaa, EVERYONE needs to try this…

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makes me think of my family in northern ireland but its just a top tune in general 

mr bean teaching me how to dougie

What have I become?
My sweetest friend.
Everyone i know,
goes away in the end.

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people think im stupid but i dont fucking forget shit especially when people treat me like it

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Last time I was punching cones after my cousins funeral, I felt like I was going to end up more wrecked than that ride. Giving it a break for a while for my own sanity
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Opaque  by  andbamnan